Gold man 6
Prashant Laxman Sapkal

The Goldman Theory : Prashant Laxman Sapkal, the renowned gold man of India is currently one of the greatest sensations. It was not a new thing for us to see people wearing so much gold. There are states in India where people wear only gold as their primary and only jewelries. Unlike us living in the urban areas, many traditional and rural people consider gold as a proper and prime element for ornaments. Our society already has a living example of being a gold man in a form of greatest Bollywood musician and singer Mr Bappi Lahiri. However, recently a common man also joins the least and gathered a huge amount of attention for himself. In the month of October dated 23rd 1992, Prashant was born in Pune. He belongs from a middle class family but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming and achieving them in life. As per a personal conversation of Prashant he told that he always loves gold. Right from his childhood days gold attracted him and they always want to wear it on his body. Currently he runs a business alongside with a social welfare group for poor people called NSS. His dream is to stand by people who in spite of being poor economically never step back from achieving their goals. Post his graduation, Prashant started his business of construction and finance. The latest goldman of India wears approximate 5 kgs gold on a daily basis in his entire anatomy. According to him, he started NSS group so that he will be able to help the poor people around him. And the story doesn’t end here, his NSS crew will open opportunities for close people not only to get help but also take part in it and get employed. When he was asked about wearing gold he said that “gold is always being my favourite, from my childhood days to present, I am fascinated with the idea of wearing gold”. From the October month of 2018 he started to wear this kind of huge amount of gold. Currently he is enjoying the attention he gets from the people wherever he goes. Be it a function, invitation party, marriage venue etc people come and take selfies with him. He is currently enjoying the phrase of being one of the icons among the Indian people.

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