Meet the new vibe of music industry-Sofia Chaudry

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After a terrific debut, Sofia Chaudry is back with another masterpiece “Breathe”. Breathe is bitter sweet love song with some strong lyrics. It is fresh sounding and has a good mix of English and Desi vibes. Apart from the lyrics, the music also seems to pull some string. The music is given by Divy Pota and the song is written by Sofia and Divy together. The official video for the song was shot in India (which Sofia says is special for her) which was directed by Shivcee Films and edited by Mr Editor. The song is expected to release on February 3, 2019 on her own YouTube channel.

Influenced by Western and Desi, Sofia never seems to compromise when it comes to music. After her debut, she just keeps moving forward bringing her A-game in every song she makes. Breathe is one such piece of work where she says ‘I can set me free, I rely on me’, which surely brings out a strong message. The song has the same motivational and strong vibe throughout and the music on Sitar just makes it perfect to make you fall in love with it.

Sofia is loved by her fans, and that can be seen by the love they showed on the official teaser of Breathe on her YouTube channel. Well, this says that she is here to stay, following her passion and never looking back.

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