Manar Laktineh (MoniandJ) considered best bags designer in the middle east.

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About Us – The Brand
MONI & J is a premium fashion and lifestyle brand designed and handcrafted for the modern active woman.
Founded in 2012 by Syrian designer and creative director Manar Laktineh, MONI & J integrates artistry and
modernity with thoughtful negotiations between unparalleled craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and
enduring functionality.
Manar drew from her Middle Eastern culture, her degree in information science, and her background in
leather making to establish a brand that is elegant and true to its unique, refined style no matter what
trends come and go. The collections are designed to blend easily with any look and emphasize fashion and
transitional accessories that are ideal for woman of all ages.
Fast acceptance and high demand of MONI & J handbags meant that the brand had to evolve its operations.
The MONI & J Online Shop was launched in 2015 to cater to women and fashion aficionados worldwide. By
continuing to offer an exquisite product, exceptional client service, and on-time delivery, customers became
loyal to the MONI & J Brand and it became among the online shopper’s top choice for fashionable and
stylish handbags.
MONI&J’s atelier is located in Lebanon and the headquarters are in Kuwait. The brand has over 25 years of
collective experience, with craftsmen and employees working day in and day out to design and produce
premium quality goods for clients around the world. You can find MONI & J online and
at regional boutiques (KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait).
MONI&J’s fast paced expansion illustrates its growth strategy and ongoing fascination with representations
of contemporary femininity. “It is absolutely essential that we preserve our creative expertise and attention
to detail to be able to offer our clients exceptional products” says Manar, MONI & J’s Founder & Creative

How it All Began:
It all began with a distinct, soothing smell of leather… authentic leather.
Every morning, Manar watched her mother tailor make special leather clothing and matching shoes for
herself and her close relatives. Manar admired the craftsmanship and refined artistry that was needed to
make these exclusive leather pieces. From the zippers, linings and strappings to the most intricate stitching
details, Manar was infatuated with it all. She began helping her mother by handling small tasks such as
cutting leather pieces, matching colours, and as the tasks got more complicated, it became a real passion and
Manar realized that she wanted to make this her lifelong job. “My mother and her friends were fascinated by
the ideas I gave them… I loved women’s fashion and was able to spot what suits each woman, even as young
girl” claims Manar, as she recollects her childhood memories.
Laktineh’s subsequent 10 years were spent dealing with various types of leather, learning different
techniques, and getting to grips with the demands and eccentricities of women, who were, quite simply,
passionate about handbags.
Manar remains grateful for each day she spent with her mother, saying it braced her for the real world and
instilled morals and values into her as she prepared for life in the fashion industry.
Manar Laktineh launched MONI & Jin 2012. The brand is a true reflection of herself, her thinking and her
values. Moni was her nickname growing up and is a continuous reminder of her humble roots, and “J”
represents her daughters, the driving force in her life and story behind her success.

Moni&J Values:
From the beginning, MONI & J was founded behind a dedication to craft, style and
demanding standards of quality. As a customer-focused brand, MONI & J’s mission is to
design and produce high-quality stylish handbags for the modern active women
As MONI & J grew, it has never forsaken those original dedications to manufacturing
handbags of the highest possible quality. Behind every MONI & J handbag, there are a set
of values:
• Make a statement: Be unique and do it with style. MONI & J handbags are both a headturner
and a conversation starter.
• Concept to creation: MONI & J handbags are designed with both originality and the
modern woman in mind. From concept creation to production, each phase is
undertaken with devotion and commitment.
• Timeless design: Combining modern and classic themes, MONI & J handbags are worn
by women of all ages in any social engagement. They are designed to outlast the everchanging
fashion trends.

Behind the Master Pieces:
MONI & J Products are:
•Produced using only the finest material:

Premium Leather. Grade A material is essential for making durable
leather handbags with the highest standards.
Handmade Plated Hardware. Metals are designed and handmade from
scratch to achieve thoroughness and accuracy in getting the best output of an
Inner Lining. Bags are fully lined and carefully sewed to provide a clean
and neat finish
•Produced with paramount attention to detail:
Each handbag is created to be loved for a lifetime
A great deal of craftsmanship is put into each handbag to ensure
functionality and durability
Each handbag is hand cut and stitched; thus warranting a dedication to
excellence in design.


With fabulous designs and only the finest materials, MONI & J has enjoyed great
publicity since its launch. It was a fast favourite among fashion lovers, style icons,
celebrities, and royals. While MONI & J bags have been seen on the arms of some big
names, it is a brand that any stylish modern woman can easily relate to.
•Voted as a finalist in The Independent Handbag Designer Awards in 2014, where the
Marshal handbag was named one of the five best handbags in overall style and design.
•Worked with celebrities worldwide, purveying various options and custom-made bags.
•Approached by Kim Kardashian’s team to create an exclusive handbag for her.
•Featured on various fashion blogs and collaborated with many fashion and beauty
• Most Selling Brand in Dept. Stores – Trust, confidence & good reputation, built in business relationship
by Moni&J.
• Working with biggest retailers in the Region Such as :

  • Bloomingdales Kuwait,
  • Bloomingdales Dubai,
  • Alyasra Fashion Kuwait,
  • Rubaiyat KSA,
  • Salam Stores Doha &Al Ain,
  • Tryano Abu Dhabi,
  • Galleries Lafayette Dubai,
  • Al Khan Store Damascus Syria
  • Saks 5th Avenue Bahrain (Soon)
  • Moni & J Official Website

Social Responsibilities :

In Collaboration with KAFA (enough),
Moni & J created a line of T-Shirts to
highlight women’s strength,
independence and freedom.
KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is
a feminist, secular, Lebanese, non-profit,
non-governmental civil society
organization seeking to create a society
that is free of social, economic and legal
patriarchal structures that discriminate
against women.

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